They Came From Underground

by Rushden & Diamonds

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Rushden & Diamonds - They Came From Underground
From The Anarchy Reigns Soundtrack


Oh man I'm so glad
I wore my quarantine suit today

No kidding
Hey, somebody take a look at that freakazoid
over there he's really disgusting

Oh shit, they've spotted us

If he takes one step any closer
I'm gonna have to load up my plasma cannon
and blast him back to the stone age

Rushden & diamonds

[VERSE 1:]
I don't want to know where you've been
Your face is blue and your arms are green
Hiding underground like a submarine
You're the ugliest creature I've ever seen
Plotting to attack from your awful caves
We'll impact your skull cracks laced
with sound waves
Shot to your face then demand a raise
Cuz the pays only gave
if you're left in the grave
Reverse osmosis
You're a disappearing
hack your limbs off hocus pokus
Your species is disgusting
and you know this
On this atmospheric particle
I'll have to write an article
For all of you subhumans
who were bout to detonate "boom"

[HOOK 1:]
They came from underground
Blistering creatures from the pits of hell
So they could knock us down
Disfigured humans come out your shell
They wanna run this town
Tear apart the people eat more personnel
They came from underground ground
They came from

[VERSE 2:]
Committed mad sin when I pulled the pin
Tell me how many years since the war begin
If the depths of hell is their origin
I'm a grab a flesh wound and pour shit in
Inferior species
you're a mangled human mixed
With feces
A diseased parasitic freak from underground
We 'gon kick you out our town
So why you headin' earth bound
We 'gon be launching' a scud missile
at 'cha listen for the sound (ah)
Keep the man in motion
Shootin' for your legs
Standing by the ocean
If the rivers run blood better bring your lotion
For they blocked out the sun
like freakin' scum

[HOOK 2:]
They came from underground
Festering demons that hunger for blood
Attracted to our sound
Let's hit the deck without making a thud
We'll fight them pound for pound
I think I saw one I'm loading a slug
They came from underground ground
They came from

[VERSE 3:]
To end their madness
I'll put a slug to their cranium
Smash shit apart
like a broken geranium in a pot
Do you know what we got
We got a photon missile
and we takin' a shot (pow)
The games changed cuz people changing
Humans rearranged
into different strange things
Aim for the brain maintain no fainting
If the pay's by the corpse
the we makin' ching ching
The devil at a molecular level
Could never stop our stride
cuz you know I'm a rebel
Cross between a human and a rat
We should end their misery
with a baseball bat
Electrified fried like a pork chop
won't stop rappin'
'Til the human race is on top
Up in this place I won't knock
Even though the Earth's surface is
scorching hot

[HOOK 3:]
They came from underground
Despicable creatures with mangled limbs
So they could knock us down
A pool of blood where the bodies swim
They wanna run this town
We're cocked and loaded bout to pull the pin
They came from underground ground
They came from underground
Despicable creatures with mangled limbs
Attracted to our sound
A pool of blood is where the bodies swim
We'll fight them pound for pound
We're cocked and loaded bout to pull the pin
They came from underground ground
They came from underground


released January 8, 2013



all rights reserved


Rushden & Diamonds Vancouver, British Columbia

Rushden Diamonds have successfully bridged the gap between old school party-rap and new school electro-house. Best described as rock meets royalty, the duo has toured in over 15 countries, rocked festivals for hundred's of thousands of people and has shared stages with the likes of Kool Keith, KRS-ONE, Flying Lotus, plus many more! Recently R&D created 2 songs for Sega’s hit title Anarchy Reigns. ... more

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