Fast Lane

by Rushden & Diamonds

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Rushden & Diamonds - Fast Lane
From The Anarchy Reigns Soundtrack


Go go go go
Life in the Fast Lane! Life in the Fast Lane!
Go go go go
I'm Sayin' 3-2-1, Go!

[VERSE 1:]
Pedal to the medal laying rubber
like an automo
Pushing on the throttle
cause I'm burning something powerful
Fuel injection action
from my femur to my collarbone
Gone in 60 seconds as I'm blasted
through the danger zone
Double-timin' rhyme'n
Stoppin' on a dime (yeah)
When they wave the checkered flag
you know I'm clockin' in my time'n
Barriers are broken from the subsonic waves
I'm all gassed up knowin'
that the fast lane pays! (yeah)

I'm gone
Life in the Fast Lane! Life in the Fast Lane!
All I want to do is speed up 'til I find you
I'm Sayin' 3-2-1, Go!

[VERSE 2:]
Spark up the ignition
It's top gear and then I'm outta here
Fastest man alive
Prepare for take off through the atmosphere
Cockpit neutral drop-it
Watch me burnout on the open road
Speeding round the corner
You can eat my dust you're too damn slow
Rock-n-roll ignition
Rap'n disposition
When I'm blasting super sonic
on a fuel-injected mission
Carbureted intake fossil fueling
with a turbo boost
Cross the finish line
because I'm cranking more juice!

Buckle up for safety
cause you know we're bout to blast off
Broken all the records,
told you son you better back off
Speeding like a demon
must be dreaming that my ass lost
Faster than the speed of sound!


[VERSE 3:]
Black market after burner,
flip the switch and watch me zoom
Iron eagle in a tailspin
buzz the tower shake the room
Train conductor locomotive
riding solo pull the brakes
Past the point of no return
we're heating up the inner takes

I'm a tornado
Probably really fatal
When I'm rapping all my shit they're like
All the competition can get left in the past
Super charger in your lane
cause I'm just so fast


I'm Gone
Life in the Fast Lane! Life in the Fast Lane!
All I want to do is speed up 'til I find you
3-2-1, Go!

You think this is a lyrical competition
This isn't the rap game, man
This is the fast lane, son
Oh, you think you're the equivalent to mach 1
But I'm far past mach 11 in this ish man!
I'm just following
the rules of the road you know
You oughta try following
the rules of the road yourself kid,

I'm Sayin' 3-2-1, Go!
I'm Gone
Life in the Fast Lane! Life in the Fast Lane!
All I want to do is speed up 'til I find you

I think homeboy here's driving
with the e-brake on! (ah)
Get ready to enjoy the essence of
my exhaust pipe brother! Let's go!


released January 8, 2013



all rights reserved


Rushden & Diamonds Vancouver, British Columbia

Rushden Diamonds have successfully bridged the gap between old school party-rap and new school electro-house. Best described as rock meets royalty, the duo has toured in over 15 countries, rocked festivals for hundred's of thousands of people and has shared stages with the likes of Kool Keith, KRS-ONE, Flying Lotus, plus many more! Recently R&D created 2 songs for Sega’s hit title Anarchy Reigns. ... more

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